VR World: I Will Accept Crypto Payments

The higher the price value of crypto assets, the more important it is to pay with cryptocurrencies. The acceptance of crypto assets as a form of payment both indicates that crypto assets are acceptable as a means of payment and signals that its recognition is increasing.

In this process where crypto assets are fluctuating, it is of great importance that they are accepted as a form of payment.

VR World is a New York-based company in 2017. In describing VR World itself, it states: “VR World is North America’s largest immersive entertainment hub, offering more than 50 VR experiences from gaming, art and film.”

VR World announced in its press release that it has partnered with BitPay. VR World will be able to make payments for goods and services with cryptocurrencies, thanks to the partnership with BitPay. In his statement, VR World CEO Leo Tsimmer will be able to attract the attention of new customers by touching the big crypto market with this innovation.

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