Stunning Metaverse commentary from Bill Gates

Bill Gates shocked with what he said about Metaverse. Gates described the year 2021 as ‘the most difficult and extraordinary’. He thinks he will be optimistic for 2022 and beyond. In this context, the introduction of Facebook, formerly known as ‘Meta‘, may lead users to a virtual world where they can play, socialize and work. Thus, virtual world meetings developed under the leadership of technology companies like Meta may become widespread in 1-3 years.

He emphasized that it was the beginning of a process. According to Gates, Covid-19 has revolutionized workplaces. The impact of this will be better understood in the coming years. At the end of the process, more people will be drawn to metadata and complete their work in the virtual world.


In his statement, Gates shared that today’s meetings are like in the American game show called Hollywood Squares. Hollywood Squares was a program broadcast in 1965 where contestants answered questions in 3×3 frames. This 2D grid plan has been adapted today by video conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Gates emphasized that Metaverse meetings will be much more complex than this and that meetings can be held by interacting with colleagues through avatars. He shared the following ideas about virtual environment meetings held with 3D avatars:

“The basic idea is that you will use your avatar to meet people in a virtual environment that enhances the feeling of being in a real room with it.”

Gates said that more people will use avatars for metaverse interaction in the coming years. These avatars will be used to meet and hold meetings with other people online. Gates also said that those who constantly hold meetings via e-mail and video chat can convey what they want to express in this way, in the most realistic way.

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