Weekly NFT series

  • Adidas will purchase their magazine for 0.2 ETH. The details are not fully disclosed, but the digital structure is defined as an access, in reference to the products for the service and its owners, the access to the product and services promises a special appearance with the newly acquired land target in the Sandbox.
  • Robinhood users will be able to live and add something for their families. These features will apply to all customers. Registered will be able to send as little as $1 in one of seven cryptocurrencies, including BTC, Ethereum and Dogecoin.
  • Former First Lady Melania Trump announced today that “Melania’s Vision” has sold an NFT on melaniatrump.com, her newly launched platform running on the Solana blockchain.
  • Goldman Sachs said that the blockchain metadata store should be fine. He also heralded crypto technology as one of the most “disruptive” trends since the first internet.

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