How is NFT created?

There are many platforms for digitally storing and auctioning real-world tangible objects in an abstract way. The number of these platforms is expected to increase exponentially day by day.

So, is it necessary to know the programming languages ​​of the blockchain programmer or smart contracts to create an NFT?

Answer: Of course not. If that were the case, let alone this topic being popular right now, it could have been a dead trend before it was even born.

Today, it is possible to create your own NFT within minutes on many NFT platforms such as Rarible (Digital Collectibles), Opensea (Digital Marketplace), Nifty Gateway (Digital Art), superRare (Digital Art), Enjin (Gaming), Decentraland (Virtual Reality). For this, it is enough to have a digital wallet.

On some platforms (for example: Enjin), you can become a member of the platform and start creating your digital artworks by downloading the Enjin wallet after you complete the activation process by e-mail.


Enjin’s interface and the fact that the platform works over “Cloud” also makes the platform very easy to use.

In addition, the platform, which offers the opportunity to work individually or as a team, also has the option to download a digital wallet for both iOS and Android.

Step 2: You must click on the “Create Asset” button.

Step 3: You should read the QR code that you can see on the page above through the “Enjin Wallet App”.
Step 4: After saving and verifying your seed wallet words through the application, you must refresh the page. After doing this, your account that you created over the cloud with the “Enjin Wallet App” can work simultaneously with each other.

Ethereum Maine

Step 5: Finally, after entering the “metadata” of the digital asset we want to create, it is quite easy to create your value asset with at least 0.5 ENJ platform’s own token in our wallet. After entering the metadata, you must click on the “Create Asset” button.

Create Blockchain Asset

Congratulations, you now have an NFT and you can both view your assets on the app and track them on the web platform.

The name of the asset to be created through the Enjin platform interface, the asset type (whether it is Fungiable or Non-Fungible), whether the total supply amount is fixed, the amount of value for each asset, whether there will be commission fees and how much commission the asset producer will receive from each sale after the first sale. There are options you can choose.

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