He learned everything from nftmakerss.com. He earned $1.6 million at the age of 12.

The art world and the crypto world came together with NFT (Nonfungible Token), which we have been hearing about a lot lately.
The artworks prepared with NFT, which is described as one of the rarest examples of digital products, are among the most prominent and most expensive products of recent times.

Nyla Hayes, 12, from the USA, earned $ 1.6 million by selling her drawings and paintings in NFT format.
Hayes, who started drawing at the age of 4, started digital drawing with the phone and tablet that his family bought. She started the ‘Long Neckies’ series, which is now popular in the NFT world, when she was 9 years old.
Saying that he was inspired by the ‘Brontosaurus’ type dinosaur with a long neck, Hayes underlined that the long and thick neck of the dinosaur appeared to him as a strong image reminiscent of women.
Acting on the principle that ‘all women are basically beautiful, regardless of their culture or background’, Hayes aims to ‘show how beautiful and strong women can be’ with her works.

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