Guide to Creating a MetaMask Wallet ?

Matemask wallet is a free wallet used to store products such as coins, nft. We shared matemask, which is used as a cold wallet, with you in our previous article.

How to Open MetaMask Wallet? First, reach

After reaching, click on “Download” option to download MetaMask Extension…

You can download compatible Chrome, iOS or Android versions to your device.

Click “MetaMask” from the extensions tab in the upper right corner.

Click on the “Get Started” option, the first window that will welcome us, to proceed to the registration process.

If you have a wallet before, you can access your wallet from the left side. Click on “Create a Wallet” on the right for a new wallet…

MetaMask does not collect any data such as password, address, transfer or IP address. For detailed information, you can review the explanation above. Click on “I Agree” to continue.

In the marked section, there are 12 words that will be asked when logging into your account. These words are important for your account security. Do not share it with anyone and do not lose it. You can save it by taking a note somewhere. Then click “Next”.

Choose from the words below to confirm the words in order.

With the last step above, you have created your MetaMask wallet. To access your MetaMask Wallet, click on MetaMask from the “Extensions” tab above and access your wallet.

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