What is NFT, how is it made and how is it taken?

        The recent rise of blockchain and crypto currencies has been followed by NFT technology, especially the sale of works of art at high prices, we answer the questions of what is NFT, how is it made, to whom is it sold in our article.


        Nowadays, when technology is intertwined with everyday life, our life takes place in front of screens. Many of us spend hours on social media platforms. Every day, we share not only the content that belongs to us, but also content that does not belong to us, such as videos, photos, articles, etc., through social networks. So, have you ever wondered who is the creator or the source of these content you are sharing? The most important trend of recent days is NFT, which actually gives us the answer to this question.

How did NFT become popular so quickly? Why is someone paying $ 70 million for a work that can be easily downloaded from the Internet? Could the NFT be a turning point for the art world? How can a laugh be sold as an NFT? There may be too many things about NFT that are not clear in the minds of many of us. In this article, which we have written to resolve this confusion, we first of all ask, “Where did NFT come from, how did it enter our lives? let’s answer questions such as “.

What is NFT?

        NFT stands for Non-fungible token. You can think of NFTs that are part of the Ethereum blockchain as a kind of certificate for owning digital artifacts. NFT purchases are recorded using blockchain technology. These blockchains are encrypted in such a way that the data in them cannot be changed. These digital assets cannot be deleted, copied, or equated to a similar asset, because each NFT asset is unique in its own right.

The most important advantage of the NFT certificate is that you can also track the ownership and market value of the relevant artwork or digital asset. This is actually great news for digital artists. Because when an artist sells his work through NFT, if the work changes hands, he will also be able to receive a commission on the sale. Moreover, intermediaries between the NFT and the buyer and the artist are also dec decoupled.

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