Gpunks NFT Collection

As the NFT craze continued, all artists began to take their place on the new platform. We are also with you on the new platform.Gpunks characters is a collection of 10000 nft created with 5 background 4 characters. The whole collection is planned in detail. 10000pcs NFT is unique. With the help of computer software, all combinations are calculated and ensured to be unique in this way
What do background requests mean?
there are 5 background colors. It refers to the five brothers who are on different planets.

Neptune = Green
Mercury = Purple
Venus = Yellow
Uranus = Blue
Mars = Pink

NFTs with a purple background color will go on sale first. Its price will be optimal.

NFTs with a yellow background color will first go on sale. Its price will be 0.01 Etherium.

It will be available after the yellow NFTs with a blue background color. Its price will be 0.1 Etherium. His income will be donated.

The last of the yellow NFTs with a pink background color will be on sale. Its price will be 1 Etherium. 

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