Next Bullish Cycle to $80,000 BTC !

BTC has experienced huge fluctuations in the last year or so. When the full recovery started, it fell again until it was leveled at $ 42,000. However, it can be said that after the Fed rate decision, it started to rise again a little. A truly great comeback has not yet begun. While whales were selling on this decline, small investors bought.

What do major analysts say about BTC?

Will Clemente : Two of these charts have me feeling cautious, two of them have me feeling optimistic.

Will Clemente, who is in the BTC review, said that the BTC chart before 2017 fits, that investors should be cautious in the short term, but it will gain a lot in the long term.

According to the analyst, it recently tested the key support between $44,000 and $40,000. With a short bear market, the asset also formed the right shoulder of an inverted head and shoulders pattern. If it manages to hold the key support between $46,000 and $47,000, the analyst expects an explosive move up to $80,000.

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