H&M opens its first store in the Metaverse universe

Stockholm-based international retail clothing brand H&M opened its first store in the virtual world Metaverse, which is increasing in popularity day by day.

Providing service in many countries of the world, H&M opened its first virtual store in the city of “CEEK VR” built on the virtual universe Metaverse and started to offer its customers the opportunity to shop on Metaverse.

The first retail clothing store in the Metaverse universe

Ceek, the Ethereum-based Metaverse project, introduced the virtual store of H&M, one of the world’s leading retail clothing companies with an average annual turnover of 25 billion dollars. Ceek shared on his Twitter account, “Shopping in the metaverse with Ceek VR is more than a game with CEEK.” expressions were used.

Ceek, which has approximately 744 million coins in circulation and has a market value of 410 million dollars, has previously come to the fore with the projects it has done with many famous singers and brands. It will be possible to shop with Ceek Coin in H&M’s virtual store. The store stands out as the first retail clothing store in the Metaverse universe.

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