First Metaverse Experience

As one of those who do not believe that Metaverse will be the greatest technology of all time, I took the initiative to test it. I didn’t find it logical for a big company like Facebook to pursue this utopian universe. But I just entered the metaverse universe and brought it beyond research.

First of all, before I tell you about this experience, I would like to give you a brief introduction. Even if the area called the actual metaverse is just beginning to be created, it does not fully cover the virtual reality situation. In the near future, we will be able to connect very simply with the help of virtual reality glasses and a headset. For now, you can step into this universe by clicking the link on the internet browser in two dimensions.
For those who do not know the concepts of nft and metaverse, I recommend you to read our previous articles.
All internet portals will take their place in the metaverse in time. This virtual reality, where we can interact with people and companies thanks to smart software, is very soon.

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